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Copyright Agreement and Author Information Collection Documents

please download the Copyright Agreement, the Instructions for Filling in Copyright Agreement and Author Information Statistical Table documents. Please complete the Copyright Agreement and the Author Information Statistical Table and package these files (package name : GPC2022_PaperID) and send them to (IMPORTANT).

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Chinese version for mainland chinese author:

作者信息统计表(需提交) : XXX(paperID)_作者信息统计表.xlsx

版权协议填写说明(填写参考) : 版权协议填写说明.pdf

版权协议(需提交) : XXX(论文编号)_SNCS_ProceedingsPaper_LTP_ST_SN_Switzerland.docx

English version for overseas author:

Author information statistical table (Need to be submitted) : XXX(paperID)_Author information statistical table.xlsx

Instructions for filling in copyright agreement (For reference only) : Instructions for filling in copyright agreement.pdf

Copyright agreement (Need to be submitted) : XXX(PaperID)_SNCS_ProceedingsPaper_LTP_ST_SN_Switzerland.docx